The Importance of Social Media Networking


Most people use social media to solely keep up with friends and family. However as an entrepreneur, social media should be more than a way to keep in contact – it should be used to sustain and run your business.

Networking on social media is also important because it gives you the opportunity to connect with people that aren’t in your sphere. Don’t allow the fact that you aren’t familiar with someone hinder you from reaching out to elevate your business.

An example of how I’ve used Social Media Networking to my advantage is; I volunteered to help out with the Bahamian Icon Awards and was lucky enough to get the coordinator role of the Public Relations team. For those unfamiliar with the awards, it’s a yearly show celebrating exemplary Bahamians in the community. It’s huge and it’s an absolute honor to be in charge of it.

One day as the founder and I were brainstorming on how to possibly make it larger, I mentioned that Constance Jones of WPLG Local 10 news out of South Florida followed me on Twitter and maybe I could ask her to come down. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous pitching to an absolute stranger but it’s Twitter and we’re both journalists and the worse thing she could do is say no. However, she said yes and now she’s presenting to the winner of Outstanding Live Entertainment Ensemble.

Imagine what would have happened if I allowed my fears of not knowing her stop me from pitching to her. Absolutely nothing would have happened but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Sometimes it’s okay to reach out of our comfort zones for the sake of networking. Especially if it’s going to increase the worth of your brand.

Challenge yourself to network with new and unknown contacts and go even further and build a relationship. Continue this with every contact you meet and watch how easy it becomes. Make it a point to always think about the worth of your brand and watch how much your actions change. You’ll be proud of the brand you’ve built.




Social Media ‘Blacks Out” against Crime & Violence


On July 9th, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp users changed their profile pictures to stand against crime and violence in the Bahamas. 




As Independence approached, Bahamians were standing against crime and violence in the society. The social media protest was an event organized by the Movement Bahamas which is a group of Bahamians that are striving to be a catalyst for social change.

To many, it looks as if they’ve simple defaced the flag to make a point but according to a press release which was released earlier this week, the plan was to have used a black picture in order to protest, however the organization wanted people to know this was designed for the Bahamas.

The Movement Bahamas said, “The logo of The Movement Bahamas is open to interpretation, but the message and purpose of the organization is not. The Movement stands for Bahamians who have no voice and are fed up with the current state of our country due to the negative effects of crime.”

Whilst, blacking out on social media is hardly a new trend, it seems to be the first of its kind for the Bahamas; as it has certainly sparked conversation.  Some say that this is more of the usual and something drastic needs to be done. Others say, it is good to see Bahamians finally coming together and they’re excited to see what this organization has planned next.



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If you wish to learn more about the Movement Bahamas, you can follow them on twitter at: @TheMovementBah or Like their facebook page: movement242.

View their PSA here: