Staycationing in the Bahamas


Somewhere between allowing our work to consume our lives and getting stuck in a pattern of being busy all the time, we forget to truly appreciate and experience the world around us.


In the Bahamas, we’re surrounded by paradise complete with the best beaches and the most beautiful resorts in the world. Yet, we would ultimately spend a fortune to vacation elsewhere; without batting an eye.


Not only can you save money by staycationing at home but it affords you the opportunity to unplug and change your perspective. Save yourself thousands of dollars and visit the Islands of the Bahamas like you’ve never seen them before.


    1. Nandana – West End, Grand Bahama: If you live in the city or find yourself frequently visiting Nassau, break up with your daily routine and visit Nandana. Just 65 miles from South Florida, you won’t believe you didn’t hop on a plane; it’s breathtaking, exclusive and most importantly in the Bahamas.

      Picture an Asian style mansion on a swank oceanfront estate with the freedom to combine island and villa life. If this isn’t enough, imagine a full staff at your service around the clock, gourmet cuisine served just the way you like it and an on site masseuse willing to release all the knots in your neck.

      If a romantic getaway is just what you and your significant other have been dreaming about, then this one is for you. At 8500 a night, Nandana promises a unique experience like no other.

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    2. Fishbones Tour, Eleuthera Bahamas: When was the last time you kissed a turtle? If your answer is never, then consider this tour. Whether it’s spearfishing, turtle chasing or reef fishing try your hand at doing something you’ve never done before in your own backyard.

      With each tour promising to be different, the crew at Fishbones Tour will make sure your time in Eleuthera is a unique one. Besides, what’s more appealing than the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas with the sun beating at your neck whilst sitting on a boat?

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    3. Explore the Exuma Cays by Boat: When people speak about the Bahamas, rarely are the outer islands included in their minds. In fact, the life which exists outside Nassau is so beautiful there are simply no words to describe the simplicity of its beauty.

      If you have never visited the outer islands, Exuma should definitely make your bucket list. When you visit, why limit yourself to one cay when you can explore all 365 cays? Book a charter and visit islands you’ve only heard in passing such as; Barraterre or Big Majors Cay to visit the swimming pigs. The adventures are constant as long as your curiosity accompanies you.

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    4. Islandz Tours, Nassau Bahamas: A staycation doesn’t always have to mean hopping on a plane and losing yourself. It can simply require you to hop in your car and experience your hometown in an entirely new way. With this route you don’t have to worry about late flights and unnecessary baggage claims.

      Think you know all there is to know about Nassau? Maybe you do, but Islandz Tours allows you to explore historical passageways, architectural gems and sites that you may have missed being wrapped up in your day to day life. Don’t pass up this opportunity to experience Nassau in a way that you never deemed possible.

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      • Watling’s Castle, San Salvador:
      • Traveling to San Salvador is an adventure in itself but when you get there don’t leave until you’ve explored Watling’s Castle.

      A visit to Watling’s and you will see the remains of a 18th century Loyalist plantation house. In an impressive three-storey plantation, you’re invited to journey to the 1830’s and roam the main house, the slave quarters, the lookout tower and the cook house.

      Be sure to read the history before visiting to truly appreciate your visit.

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      • PappaSurf, Nassau:
      • How many times are surfing and the Bahamas in the same sentence? Don’t answer that.

      The beauty of living in paradise is your means of adventures increases daily. The possibilities seem endless and you can do virtually anything and feel as if you’re on a daily vacation. PappaSurf offers you a chance to take advantage of the beauty of the island and explore using snorkeling, fishing or paddleboarding.

      No longer will you envy persons learning how to paddleboard, you’ll be one of them! From a paddle sunset tour to a night-glow paddle tour, allow your adrenlaine to rush as you dare yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Follow your guide to a beautiful reef location and learn more about ecology and the history of the Bahamas. If paddleboard scares you, then contemplate snorkeling which you can do virtually anywhere in the Bahamas.

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      Whatever you eventually decide relish the beauty around you, breathe in slowly and connect with the world around you.



Happy Staycationing!

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