About Dawn



For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a stutterer. I lacked the ability to eloquently express my thoughts, verbally. Speaking was a challenge.

I began to write a lot.  I could turn complex situations into coherent situations for anyone to enjoy. Writing compensated for my stutter.

However, once you start writing – you want more. You don’t just want to tell stories, you also want to capture moments by film, or broadcast. Being a covert stutterer, as I was – everything except writing was an unrealistic dream.

It wasn’t until I graduated from university and got a taste of the real world, I realized how miserable I was. I had convinced myself I was doing what I wanted to do – but truthfully I was biding time.

During this time, I continued writing with a strong focus on political journalism. I was amazed by how many people enjoyed my works!!

Journalism gave me an indescribable rush. After every interview, I craved for the next. It was then I realized, journalism was where I wanted to be.

I enrolled into graduate school for Journalism which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. This was where I belonged and I had always known it but I was always afraid.

While pursuing my postgraduate degree, I met a professor that changed my life. She told me about a speech program that had done wonders for a friend of hers and it caught my attention, as I was desperate.

I attended the program and that’s when my life began to change. I’ve never been fluent, except in my dreams. But this wasn’t a dream, it was definitely real!

I’m no longer just a writer, but I’m everything I trained in Sheridan to be. I refuse to hold back and I refuse to play coy because I don’t want the unnecessary attention.

Truthfully, I’m not cured but everyday I’m working towards the person I’ve dreamed of being. Journalism as I knew it, changed for me.  I ask a lot more questions, I constantly step out of my comfort zone and I do not color within lines.

While the unknown is scary, it is certainly refreshing to be able to translate life lessons and experiences into beautiful depictions. I welcome challenges that can shape me into a better person. I take risks, I write more, I ask more and as you can imagine, I can’t stop talking.

Although, everyday for me is as if I was given another chance at life, I welcome it. I love telling stories, I love sharing knowledge with others and most importantly I love writing.

I never want to be silent, journalism isn’t silent. It’s one of the most powerful weapons to change the world and that has always been my goal.